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Water Softener

AQUAS & GEPURE - Water Softening System

Product Applications & benefits

  • Removal of Hardness from water.
  • Soft hair & supple Skin
  • Untangled Hair
  • Soft towels & clothes
  • Spotless glassware and cutlery
  • Scale free tiles, marble and sanitary ware.
  • No clogged pipes

Product Features

  • Commercial & Food Grade Ion Exchange Resins from global Suppliers.
  • Non Corrosive Pentair Structural Pressure Vessels of FRP/Composite/Polyglass
  • Top/Side Mounted Multiport Valve of ¾”/1”/1 ½” sizes
  • Treatment Flow rate 500-10000 LPH (0.5-10 m3/hr.)
  • Warrantee: 1 year / 5 years

Water Softeners - FAQ

  • Why should I buy your softener systems ?

    Our company is an authorized Dealer and System Integrator of M/s.Pentair Water Treatment P.Ltd. Pentair Water is a part of USD 9.5 bn US MNC, a Global manufacturer, distributor of quality, residential and commercial water treatment equipment and components. We source our Resins from Puroloite USA . Not only commercial we also use their Food Grade & NSF certifide Resins. Being a family owned Company, we have managed to maintain a very low overhead, which permits us to market our quality water treatment equipment to our customers at a very low and competitive price!
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  • Why soften my water ?

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  • Are there any reasons why I wouldn't want to soften my water ?

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